Upgrade to WKWebView in SugarCRM Mobile 6.2

In our recent release of SugarCRM Mobile 6.2, we made a change to the way our mobile app talks to the Sugar server.  

We made this change because Apple deprecated their UIWebView component (since iOS 8) in favor of their optimized WkWebView.  In addition to providing performance improvements, WKWebView also provides additional security features and a more responsive user experience.  But WKWebView also added enforcement of cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), so the mobile team needed to add a native proxy that runs locally on your mobile device at localhost:8081. 

This proxy allows the SugarCRM Mobile app to work around these restrictions and can introduce connectivity issues for some SugarCRM Mobile users. Most users of SugarCRM Mobile are not affected, but if you are using SugarCRM Mobile with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) infrastructure (i.e. Airwatch with App Tunneling configuration, or VPN) then you may have already noticed connectivity issues after upgrading to 6.2. For example, some customers have reported an issue with the app hanging on the splash screen.

If you are affected, you will need to adjust the whitelist in your EMM or Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool to allow traffic to localhost:8081. Please consult your EMM / MDM documentation for steps necessary to perform this configuration change.

Below is a diagram showing how the new proxy should work in an EMM infrastructure.

If you are an on-premise customer using our Mobile SDK, you have the option of enabling CORS support in Sugar by adjusting your .htaccess configuration to send the correct CORS headers (and removing the proxy). Sugar Enterprise customers with access to the SugarCRM Mobile SDK can build a custom app with adjusted the proxy settings for their own environment.

Please leave any questions or feedback below and we'd be happy to help!

  • Oh, great to hear you've resolved the issue .  Thanks for following up!

  • Hey again,

    the issue is solved. There was an error in the VMware Tunnel app that caused issues with the way the sugar app works.

    What’s New in this App Version
    • PPAT-4564: Resolved issue where app calls to localhost would timeout when VMware Tunnel is present.



  • Hi Christine, 

    as far as I'm aware there have been no changes to our Sugar environment. But I'm the one responsible for the EMM not for Sugar. We have provided a bunch of logs etc in the Support Case 333308. Not sure if you can have a look at this.

    I noticed that the start of the issue might be around the latest version of the VPN app (VMware Tunnel 3.2.0), so I'm also looking into this.  

    I know that this might not be the right platform to work on this issue and I was just hoping that there might be something obvious that we're overseeing that could be answered here. 



  • Hello Philipp-Christopher, glad you found the post helpful and sorry you seem to be having some trouble now.  If you can please give me a little more context for the problem you are dealing with - did you happen to change anything two weeks or so ago when/before you noticed the issues signing in?  Did the Sugar (desktop) version you are using get upgraded, or did anything else like that change? Or any configuration change you might have done (with the Tunnel or Sugar)?

  • Hi Christine Atiya,

    this information was very helpful last year when we rolled out VMware Tunnel (AirWatch App Tunneling). We had no issues for the last 3 month since we made the recommended changes in the Tunnel configuration. However, for 2 weeks we have a new issue with the Sugar App and the Tunnel. We can reach the login page but after logging in the app runs into a timeout, "Unable to sync with the server. Retry?". Are you aware of any changes that could cause this behavior? 

    This only happens in combination with the Tunnel, when directly connected to the Server, the App works as expected. 

    We'll also raise a support case, but maybe you have an idea. T

    Thanks a lot