SugarCRM New Product Line Technical FAQ

In response to the recent evolution of the SugarCRM product line, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some common questions that we have received from the developer community about our new products. This FAQ will be a living document, so please post any additional questions in the comments section and we will do our best to address them here.

Sugar Professional and Enterprise customers: 

If you are an existing customer of Sugar Professional or Sugar Enterprise then nothing has changed for you. If you are in our cloud, you will still get new features on a quarterly basis. If you are on-premise, you will still get new features on an annual basis.

QuestionSugar MarketSugar SellSugar Serve
Will it be available On-Premise?No. Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve are available via cloud only and are not available for on-site deployment.
Can we write code customizations for it?The Sugar Market platform does not support direct code customizations. It does, however, have REST APIs and other tools to enhance your development.

Yes, Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve are based on the Sugar Enterprise platform which supports code customizations. You can use Module Loader to install code customizations for Sugar Serve and Sell. Since Serve and Sell are built on Sugar Enterprise, use the ENT flavor in your package manifests.

How can we download instance backups for local development and test?No, Sugar Market is a multi-tenant application. There is no concept of local development.Yes using Backups module.
Can we get data backup?Yes, by exporting a report.Yes using Backups module.
Can we access development builds?We are working toward a solution for this.There is a Developer Builds space in the SugarCRM Developers community. We will post development builds here for each release.
Will Sell/Serve/Market use the same platform as Sugar Enterprise?Sugar Market is a unique platform.Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve are built on the Sugar Enterprise platform.
Will Sell/Serve/Market be connected to the same database, or will they be separate instances connected via API?At this time, Sugar Market utilizes an independent database. Sugar Market integrates with Sugar Sell/Ent/Pro out of the box.A single SugarCloud instance and database can have both users of Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve using it at the same time.
Where can I find more specific info about the divergence between Sugar products?The differences between the SugarCRM License Types are outlined in the User Management section of the Sugar Enterprise 9.1 Administration Guide.
What resources are available if I have more questions?Sugar Market DocumentationSugar Sell DocumentationSugar Serve Documentation
How often will Sugar products be updated?

Sugar Market operates on a continuous update cycle, with releases approximately every two weeks.

Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve operate on a quarterly release cycle (every three months).

  • You can! In fact, it’s the recommended way to make the most of Sugar’s capabilities. The License Types section of the 9.1 documentation may help to make this more clear.

  • Hello,

    I am currently on SugarCRM Enterprise on demand.  Can I move some members to SugarCRM sell and some to SugarCRM serve?  Does the system coexist like that?

  • That puts my mind at ease a little, you guys had me worried for a bit 

    Unfortunately Boston is a bit far to travel, especially for a one day event, and I trust you, I don't need to hear it from anyone else.

    Thank you.


  • Again, Sugar has no plans to discontinue on-premise. I was at SugarConnection last week in San Francisco and Craig and Rich were very clear on this point in their keynotes. If you can, I'd encourage you to get to SugarConnection Boston so you can hear them for yourself.

    The new website highlights our new cloud-only offerings but I wouldn't be surprised if we decided to updated it later to eliminate any confusion regarding Pro/Ent.

    The only change is that for new customers, they are available only as on-premise solutions. Pro/Enterprise will continue as supported product offerings and we will continue to issue regular releases with defect fixes and enhancements to these products. In fact, we hope to add more features to Pro/Ent to enhance your ability to customize and configure these products in an upgrade safe way.

    We don't have a plan to offer Sugar Serve and Sugar Sell on-premise. Market/Sell/Serve are meant to be continuously updated and are for customers who want continuous product updates.

  • Thank you Matt,

    I appreciate your prompt answers, and I don't mean to be cynical here, but, although you say there is no plan for EOL on Sugar Pro and Ent, as far as I can see, those products have been removed from your offerings, which suggests that you are not on-boarding new customers on those products.
    The logical conclusion is that you will eventually EOL the old line. Is it not?

    Can you please tell us if there is a plan to release on-site versions of SugarSell and SugarServe?

    Again, thank you for your answers,