September '22 Developer Office Hours Recap

September Office Hours Recap

Our second ever session was held on September 7th and was centered on the topic of Sugar Batch Jobs. We picked this topic after polling the Dev Club and this was Sugar Batch Jobs was the winner!  A great topic since it's very important for every Sugar developer to understand since smart use of the Sugar Job Queue can greatly improve system performance and responsiveness.

 started off by explaining the interconnected concepts of the Scheduler, SchedulersJob, SugarJobQueue, and SugarCronJobs. He then gave some quick demos of some Sugar jobs in action before touching on some best practices for designing and implementing your background jobs. The most fundamental point that everyone should know is that Sugar Batch Jobs run asynchronously (e.g. at some future time in the background) while other code customizations like Logic Hooks run synchronously (e.g. as soon as a user saves).

The Q&A was lively with lots of discussion about how to handle large jobs that can clog up the queue. If you've ever worked on large Sugar implementations, then you should listen in for this discussion.

And a Special Thanks to Dmitri Pluschaev, and  for joining us as our panel of esteemed experts for this session!

Session Recording

Check out the recording and slides from this session.

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