Meet Rafa, your new Best Friend

Hey Sugar Developers,

My name is Rafael Fernandes, your new Principal Developer Advocate here at SugarCRM, I'm super excited to be part of this amazing, innovative company.

This post is my intro to you and how I can help the Sugar Developer community to achieve your goals.

I started coding 25 years ago when I was 13yo back in high school in Brazil where I'm originally from, we built some cool stuff using assembly (that's right, that low level) with Pascal that'd handle some circuits back then.

In the more recent times, I've transitioned (some say evolved) from mainframe (black screens) to build large scale ERP/CRM solutions. I had the opportunity to work in many different industries across 28 countries around the globe.

Along the way I got few certifications that help me and my customers excel their expectations. Just to name a few, the difficult ones, I'd say: SCEA - Java Architect, AWS SAA - Solution Architect and AWS DAS - BigData/Data Analytics.

I love to code, I love data, I love to share, so I wanna make sure I listen to you and help you all to get where you wanna be.

Let's build amazing things together my friends, just reach me out.

That's me by the way, you can call me Rafa.