Performance Profiling to Identify Bottlenecks - Office Hours Recap!

On February 7th, we held our monthly office hours session on performance profiling Sugar to identify resource bottlenecks. 

Huge thanks to   (LinkedIn) from our longtime partner SYNOLIA was the expert this time around. Vlad, CRM Technical Manager, has been doing CRM implementations on Sugar for over 10 years - it was incredible to have him come and share his knowledge. Thank you, Vlad!

Session Highlights

We started with a discussion about When and How to profile Sugar for bottlenecks, followed by an overview of a couple of great tools, along with some practical examples.

New Relic

New Relic is a great tool that can be used to connect to your on-premise installation of Sugar for complete system monitoring.


Backfire is another powerful tool that's more developer oriented and useful for on-premise or local Sugar installations.

XHProf pre-integrated with SugarDockerized

Finally, Rafa shared how to use XHProf, an open source profiling tool, that is pre-integrated with Sugar and easy to setup on SugarDockerized containers.

Session Recording 

This session was recorded on February 7th. Here is the recording and slides.

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