Nearly everything you need to know about the Q1 2021 Release

Hello Sugar Developers!

We have another release for you with new features and fixes! We are calling this one Sugar Q1 2021 (or Sugar 10.3.0). This release is for cloud customers only.

Here are some of the new features and fixes for this release. This is not an exhaustive list of everything we did for Sugar 10.3 - just the items that we thought would be important for a developer to take note of. Check this post often as I will be adding more features, fixes, and updates to the list right up until we go live with the GA release!

  • Fields based on :1 sided relationships are now exposed in studio for the purpose of allowing admins to mark them for audit.
  • In Process Definitions, the "Applies to" dropdown for start events has a new options called "New Records or First Update" and "New Records and All Updates".
  • New SugarLogic function dayofmonth() to extract the day of the month from a date or datetime field
  • New meetings and calls filters to show records where user is a guest: "Meetings I’m Attending" and "Scheduled Calls I’m Attending"
  • New option when creating/editing fields in Studio and Module Builder to be able to make a field read-only, always or conditionally based on a formula. If the read-only box is checked, a formula entry box now appears.
    • If a field is marked read-only with no formula input, it will be read-only always.
    • If a field is marked read-only WITH a formula input, it will be conditionally read-only depending on the formula's evaluation.
    • If a field is NOT marked read-only, the presence of a formula is irrelevant - it will not be read-only."
  • Ability to mass update more field types via Studio:
    • checkbox
    • decimal
    • encrypt
    • float
    • iframe
    • integer
    • phone
    • relate
    • url
    • textfield
  • User Search and Select drawers throughout Sugar now allow you to select inactive users
  • New "Focus Drawer" - a new Focus icon will appear when hovering on many links throughout the application. Clicking the icon slides a Focus drawer in from the right, displaying a 360-degree view of the linked record. The feature can be turned off for an instance via config_override.php with $sugar_config['enable_link_to_drawer'] = false. Note in v1 these are system-generated dashboards and cannot be created or deleted by a user or admin.
  • New Purchase History dashlet - similar to the Active Subscriptions dashlet in that it includes present subscriptions. Also encompasses every purchase record of the account regardless of time
  • 3 new calculated field on the Purchases module: Total Revenue, Total Quantity, Line Item Count. These are not "time-aware" - they update on save events like any other calculated field. The Line Item Count isn't on layouts.
  • "Renewal" checkbox added to RLIs, PLIs, QLIs - like the one in Opportunities module added in 10.2. When manually adding an RLI, QLI, and PLI in their respective modules, the renewable checkbox is unchecked and read only. The renewable checkbox will only be checked if the RLI, QLI, or PLI is created through the renewal generation process after upgrade to 10.3.
  • New scheduler added called "Process Time-Aware Schedules" that needs to be running in order for PLI's Status field to be automatically updated as the Start Dates and End Dates pass. New config value time_aware_job_max_batch_size created so that support can configure the batch size of these recalculations should the scheduler not be getting through them all or should these calculations should be affecting other critical processes. Defaults to 100.
  • In Record View, inline-edited fields now support click-drag highlighting so that the text can be copy/pasted. Note you MUST drag, double clicking or single-clicking and THEN trying to drag will not work.
  • When switching to edit mode via the blue Edit button on a textarea field, the textarea's dimensions will remain - there will be no auto-resizing as in previous versions.
  • Contracts module has been enabled for mobile client.
  • The actions menu on the Home Dashboard, Console Drawer Dashboard, List View Dashboard, and Record View Dashboard has been removed and replaced by a Material Design floating action button.
  • New scheduler added called "*Run Active Data Archives/Deletions" - The Job will trigger weekly, every Saturday, at 10:00pm (this can be configured differently). The job will look at the current list of Data Archivers configured from the Data Archiver module by the administrator. For each one that is marked as active, it will perform the process currently configured. These processes will be registered as an Archive Run and can be viewed from the record view of that particular Data Archiver.
  • Any updates on Sugar Market? It would definitely benefit from a few updates.

  • Hello Francesca,

    Big fan of your many posts in the SugarCRM Community!
    Isn't Sugar getting better and better each version? Grinning We have a cloud instance, which had a 10.2 update from last quarter. I had previously include some custom code based customization for the "SetRequired" feature before the update. However, I did not see the customization translated into the studio after the update is completed. The code-based customization is still in effect. I manually remove the customization from the module loader. So, I will imagine they won't be able to read our customization and translate it to the "ReadOnly If" field.

    p.s. I haven't try to add a required if before removing my code, I wonder if that will break it. ThinkingLaughing



  • Nice work! 
    My users will really like the click-drag for copying fields, and I am particularly looking forward to the read-only fields marked in Studio.  Do you know if existing code-based custom Read-Only formula-based dependencies will shown in Studio? 

    Looking forward to the release of 10.3 for on-site customers!

    Thank you!


    PS. nitpicking typos you say "This is not an exhaustive list of everything we did for Sugar 10.2" I am guessing you meant 10.3 Slight smile