Learn Advanced Reporting for Sugar - March '24 Office Hours Recap!

On March 6th, we held our monthly office hours session on how to use Advanced Reporting in Sugar.

Huge thanks to Cristinel Mitoi from SugarCRM was the expert this time around. Thank you, Cristinel!

Session Highlights

Cristinel shared some best practices when writing custom queries in Advanced Reporting. He went through the process of finding the custom query editor and his recommendations on authoring queries.

ideally you want to first create your query in a SQL editor, test it, and ensure the query performs properly before sending a query to Sugar to execute on your live Sugar database.

Remember, you need the physical DB field names! Cristinel also showed few "hacks" on how to identify field names using Doc Merge Template.

Data formats are also a powerful feature that combined with your data can provide a much nicer view of your result set for end users.

Session Q&A

What if I don't have a DB schema available locally? Cristinel showed a way to get that through our Diagnostic Tool feature where you can download your DB schema.

How about scheduling? Yes, you can schedule an advanced report to execute from time to time.

Does the data come back based on user's timezone? No, data will be retrieved and rendered using the Sugar DB setting timezone, which is UTC.


He went through many examples which was very interesting to see!

Session Recording 

This session was recorded on March 6th. Here is the recording and slides.

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