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Hey, Sugar Developers!

The Sugar Q1 2022 release is nearly here! Time to evaluate your integrations and add-ons with the upcoming Q1 2022 SugarCloud release.

Sugar Developer Webinar for Q1 2022

It’s that time again for our quarterly Sugar Developer Webinar! We will be covering hot topics as well as the technical details of the Q1 2022 (11.3) release.

What we will be covering:

Some of the exciting updates we will be covering:

  • Re-designed Admin page!
  • CSVs in scheduled Reports
  • Forecasting updates
  • And much more!!

Webinar Information:

We are holding two sessions to accommodate different time zones. Please choose ONE of the following times.

Tuesday, December 14 at 4:30 - 5:30 PM PT - REGISTER NOW
Thursday, December 16 at 7:00 - 8:00 AM PT - REGISTER NOW

If you can’t make it, we will be posting the webinar recordings in the Event Recaps section of the DevClub!

  • 1. Correct. You would have to decide if your Opportunities Record layout will be role based or dropdown based and go from there. Note that if you picked a dropdown based layout and there are fields on the layout that the sales rep does not have permission to see because of their role then Sugar would display "no access" for those fields.

    2. In my testing on the current build, it seems to keep data you've already put into fields that are shared between layouts.

    3. I believe the feature only works with standard dropdown fields as described in the 11.3 docs.

  • Hi there

    Q1 2022 Dropdown Based Record View Layout Questions:

    • "role based and drop down based layouts cannot be used together"
      • so, within a particular module (ex. opportunities) I cannot have a role based (power user who sees all fields) and a drop down based layout (for average sales rep users) who should only be seeing fields based on particular field value selections?
    • clearing: if i change a field - does it wipe the previously filled fields if they layout does not change (meaning -- these are additive fields, not changing the layout, just adding more fields)
    • Multi-Select: if one of the fields is multi-select, is that problematic? - can we get views to consider a combination of values 
      • example, i have a panel appearing if i select x or if i select y but if i select x and y, both panels appear?