ICYMI Q4 '23 Release Webinar Recap

In case you missed the latest webinar... 

We just wrapped our developer webinars for the upcoming Q4 2023 (13.2) release. Don't forget that Sugar Developers can test drive this upcoming release on your local machines using the Sugar Release Preview program.

Key Takeaways

PHP 8.2 Upgrade Timeline

We took extra time to remind everyone about the imminent upgrade to PHP 8.2 for all SugarCloud customers. The key dates for the PHP 8.2 upgrade are:

November 1st: Code scans and automated mitigations will have been completed. At this date, all custom code in SugarCloud is expected to be PHP 8.2 compatible.

November 4th through December 9th: PHP Upgrades will occur during regular scheduled maintenance windows.

Identifying and fixing PHP 8.2 runtime errors

Certain runtime warnings in PHP 7.4 have become fatal errors in PHP 8.2. The most serious offender is a change in behavior in the count() function. To address that, we're making automated changes to custom code so that it uses a new safeCount() function that prevents runtime errors. However, there are a number of other PHP warnings that have become fatal errors. We reviewed the ones we uncovered during the webinar but an exhaustive list of changes between PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.2 is available in PHP documentation.

New and Improved Integrations

We were excited to share a couple of new features. Cloud Drive now supports Microsoft Sharepoint which has been a frequently sought-after integration. We also enhanced our DocuSign integration to better support DocuSign templates and make it easier to assign recipients and roles.

Library Updates

We updated many JS and PHP libraries to use the latest available patch release.

We've deprecated the Zend_Service, Zend_Gdata, and Zend_Version components. Make sure you're migrating off those libraries if you are using them.

We have also removed of FontAwesome library as well as the Zend_Mime component. Both of these components had been deprecated for over a year.

Recap Resources

You can find the recording and slides in the Events Recaps section of DevClub.  

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