Getting access to the job_queue

One of the things I can't believe we still don't have 'Out of the box' access to in Sugar is the job_queue table.  The job_queue table is where sugar stores the queue of scheduled and submitted jobs that the cron job will run.  On my system there are sometimes hundreds of jobs queued up in here and I needed a way for Admins to monitor it and a way to find failed jobs easily.  Our version of this module is quite a bit more complex as we run 3 crons at the same time to run different types of scheduled jobs so we added a priority field and a 'Run Next' field and a field to assign a job to a particular cron.

This module, on the other hand, is much simpler.  There is literally no custom code in it.  I just created the whole thing in studio.  I did create the $app_list_strings manually because for some reason its not already defined in Sugar.  But, just because it's a simple module doesn't mean that it's not very powerful. With this module you can monitor your Job Queue, you can pause jobs and you can resubmit jobs outside of their schedule times. You can even delete jobs that you don't want to run.

There is no tab for it.  Its available, after you install it, on the System section of the Admin Menu.

All the code and instructions on how to use it are available at