Developing for Sugar On-Demand Only Releases

Sugar Fall '17 (7.10) is now available!

You've heard all about this, but I'll recap. SugarCRM's fall 2017 release is a Sugar On-Demand only release. This is the first release that follows our new Sugar release process. Our on-premise customers will get a roll up spring release that includes features from this fall and subsequent winter release. So all of our customers will enjoy all of the same advanced features--just not all at once.

Here are some of the great developer resources available for the Sugar Fall '17 release (also known as Sugar 7.10).

Last, but not least, we will be providing developer downloads of On-Demand releases such as 7.10 that can be used by Sugar developers for code development and test purposes.

On-Demand Developer Builds

Sugar Developers have long relied on local development environments to prepare their Sugar customizations and integrations regardless of whether a particular customer was running in Sugar On-Demand or On-Site. Use of modern IDEs and debuggers as well as file system access all require running Sugar code outside of the On-Demand environment.

As we plan to evolve our On-Demand environment to support more development use cases, we have made a pragmatic decision to allow authorized SugarCRM Customers and Partners to download On-Demand Dev Club Builds via the Sugar Community.

Access to this space is restricted to users who have Download Software permission associated with their Sugar Community account. Check out the On-Boarding Sugar Developers guide to learn more about how to make sure that developers within your organization are registered and have appropriate permissions to access the Developer Builds space. Note that it currently can take up to 24 hours for the permission to access the Developer Builds space to update once permission is granted.

We are providing source code downloads as a courtesy and on an "AS IS" basis for the sole purposes of development and quality assurance. Production use of Sugar 7.10 code outside of Sugar On-Demand is unsupported and will not be tolerated. Please review the terms of use in the OD Dev Club Builds space for more details on restrictions.

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