Becoming a Solution Architect - August '23 Office Hours Recap

Our session detailed what it means to be a solution architect, steps to take the certified exam, and best practices so you can become the best official SugarCRM Solution Architect!

Session Highlights

What is a Solution Architect?

A Sugar Solution Architect has the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to design a Sugar-based CRM solution that meets the customer’s business requirements.

Matt believes a successful candidate needs significant practical experience in completed projects. It's a role that requires a mix of soft and hard skills to be successful. Solution Architects need to have technical credibility and business savvy. Angel added that a solution architect should possess technical savvy that can be translated to those without technical skills, and understand how implementation pieces impact the big picture for their business. They've got to be able to code-switch between the language of technical teams and the language of business leaders and stakeholders.

Exam Resources

Shara guided attendees through 2 ways to take the solution architect exam:

1 - via PartnerClub where all certification options available to Sugar partners are mapped out and broken down by role.

2- via SugarU for customers and everybody else.

Whichever option you select, understanding the outline of objectives and topics as well as taking practice exams will prepare you for a better outcome. 

If any issues accessing the exam, email

New Best Practices

Sugar is always changing so the best practices you need to know in order to become a Solution Architect is always evolving too.

Angel, Terry, and Matt explained that capabilities added to the product are important for the solution architect community to leverage, which you may also be tested on during the certification exam. These included action buttons, new report dashlet, dashboard filtering, sugar identity, SugarCloud insights, copy content (user on-boarding), smart guides, DocMerge, Sugar Maps, and Cloud Drive which were individually highlighted in detail.

Special Thanks to

 - Training & Enablement Manager

 - Staff Software Engineer

 - Principal TAM

for your insights, support and guidance on this certification topic during this session and beyond!

Session Recording 

This session was recorded on August 9th, see here for recording and slides.

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