Announcing XHProf Viewer, REST PHP Client, and Sugar Repairs Module open source projects

At SugarCRM, we have been accelerating the rate at which we share technology with the Sugar Developer community. Back in June at UnCon, we shared more open source code examples and tools than ever before. In April, we announced Sucrose Charts and the Sugar REST Harness. I am pleased to announce that we have open sourced three more projects under the Apache-2 license!

SugarCRM XHProf Viewer

The SugarCRM XHProf viewer is a visual performance analysis tool designed specifically for Sugar 7.7.0 and later. This project was created by the Sugar Engineering's Performance team. This project extends the original xhprof viewer created by Facebook. Our Viewer tracks PHP memory usage and execution time (just like the original) but we add an improved UI and detailed query logging. The Viewer logs both SQL and Elasticsearch queries including timing and stack traces.

Sugar Repairs Module

The Sugar Repairs Module is a ML package created by the Sugar Support team. Sugar Support commonly uses this module to help assist with repairing common issues that the Support team encounters in Sugar instances. This package can only be deployed on Sugar On-Site (or local development) instances because it does not pass package scanner. We recommend that you test repairs on a clone of your production instance before trying to use it in production. Ultimately, use of this tool is at your own risk!

Sugar REST PHP Client

The Sugar REST PHP client is another tool created by the Sugar Support team. It is a simple and intuitive PHP library for accessing a Sugar 7's REST v10 API. It provides an object oriented model for accessing data from a Sugar system. This is a great tool for accelerating any Sugar integration project.

Learn more in coming weeks!

I look forward to sharing more details about each of these new projects in coming weeks. Watch this space for blog posts from the developers behind these open source projects.