Expand your professional network with new SugarClub profile fields

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the new year! Tada

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to build out your professional network, then I have some great news for you! (Even if it wasn't a resolution, I hope this is still exciting Slight smile)

 Two new fields have been added to your user profile in SugarClub allowing you to more easily identify peers and find more members like yourself: "What industry best describes your organization?" and "Are you open to meeting and networking with other Sugar customers?" There are many different ways to use Sugar and we have found that members of different industries have similar use cases, configurations, experiences, and more. This is a way for you to find other customers who use Sugar the same way you do, and better connect on your shared experiences. 

Are you open to meeting and networking with other Sugar customers? is a checkbox allowing you to select yes (or no) and What industry best describes your organization? has the following options:

  1. Manufacturing & Distribution
  2. Banking & Financial
  3. Technology & Communications
  4. Services
  5. Sugar Partner or Employee
  6. Other/Prefer not to answer

Selecting one of the first four options above, or checking the "Are you open to meeting and networking with other Sugar customers" checkbox will grant you a SugarClub badge that will display on your profile and when fellow SugarClub members hover over your name. Click any of the previous five links to see who has been awarded the badges so far! (Sugar Employees and Partners will continue to be automatically badged according to their designations. If you don't have the expected badge in your profile, please ensure you're a member of your company's account, as explained in this document.)

Did you know that we also have user groups in SugarClub for those four industries (and more!)? Take a look at Manufacturing & DistributionBanking & FinanceTechnology & Communications, and Services , join, and connect today! These are a great place to discuss topics that feel specific to you about a member of your industry -- Sugar-specific or not. 

Finally, this is also a great opportunity to take a few minutes and review your entire Club profile and site settings to make sure you're sharing what you want to share about yourself and also so that you're experiencing SugarClub the way you want to. Maybe you've received a promotion recently and need to update your title in your profile, or perhaps moved and want to update your timezone settings?

Keep an eye out for more new and exciting updates coming to SugarClub this year. Please provide any feedback in the comments on this post. If you need any assistance with your profile or badges, please feel free to directly message me or email our team at sugarclub@sugarcrm.com