A New Way to Share Product Best Practices

Since the launch of SugarClub, there has been amazing engagement from a wide variety of Club members. There have also been great suggestions for how to improve and evolve this site, so thank you to everyone who has provided feedback! (Provide yours here!)

In the last month, Club members who have product-specific tips and tricks to share have been asking where and how to share these important pieces of information. Explore groups are dedicated to each Sugar product, but the existing ways to create posts (either Questions or Ideas) didn't really work for sharing. I'm excited to announce that these groups all now contain an option to "start a discussion", allowing creators to create posts to share their Sugar wisdom. The big difference with a discussion versus a question is that replies will not have the "answer" options, so creators can proactively help instead of asking for help.

To share your tips and tricks, simply go to any of the Explore groups, such as Sugar Sell or Sugar Market, and click the "+ New" button to "Start a Discussion or Ask a Question."

On the create screen, toggle the "This is a" buttons to "Discussion" and share your tips in the Description!

As I mentioned, this improvement came from discussions with multiple people, but I'd like to specifically thank , and   for their input!

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