Converting From Professional to Enterprise for On-Prem Customers

This article walks you through converting your on-site Sugar instance from Sugar Professional to Enterprise for our on-premises customers. Sugar Professional instances running in SugarCloud will be updated automatically and no actions need to be taken. We put together a checklist with actions to be taken to ease this conversion process. It's always a good idea to perform this initial conversion in a staging/QA environment first mbefore applying in production.

Note: If you work with a Sugar authorized partner, please contact your partner directly before following these steps. Your partner will be able to review your Sugar instance to be sure that there will be no troubles with running the script detailed in this guide

Identify your Sugar Professional version

Sugar's version can be found in the UI by going to "User Icon ->; About" or in the instance's filesystem in the sugar_version.php file.

In both approaches, note your Sugar Flavor (will be PRO for Sugar Professional customers) and your version number (x.y.z). Pay particular attention to the "x" and "z" version values as you'll need that information when choosing to conversion files download.

Note: We suggest you do license conversion only as your first step and no version upgrades until successfully converting from Professional to Enterprise.

Ensure you are running a supported version of Sugar Professional

If your instance's version is not in the Support Matrix you should upgrade it to a supported version before continuing. We do not suggest trying to convert an unsupported version of Sugar Professional to Sugar Enterprise.

Ensure your license has been Converted to Enterprise

SugarCRM will send your Primary Support Contacts an email when your license has been converted to Enterprise, which unlocks your Downloads Conversion Package in the Sugar Store (see below).

There are no new licenses issued; your existing license will be converted without changing the key. Furthermore, your license term (start/end) dates will not change and will be respected. At this point, your license key will be enabled for Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise which gives you access to the installation, upgrade, and conversion files for both editions.

All your Professional instances will continue to work even if they are using a license key that has been converted from Professional to Enterprise. 

Downloading Conversion Package

Sugar's conversion package will be available to you on SugarCRM's download store.

  • Select "Enterprise" on Downloads dropdown **
  • Choose Major (on-premises) version (x.0.x) (patch versions also have conversion packages)
  • Download "SugarPro-to-SugarEnt-Conversion-*.zip"

* If you're in a non-supported version of Professional, we strongly recommend that you upgrade first to the minimum supported version before continuing.
** This option is available after your license has been converted to Enterprise by our internal team, if you still see Professional, most likely you'll be getting it soon.
*** if you're running versions 8 or older, you will need to contact support at to get conversion packages.

Backup your instances' database

Make sure your database is fully backed up. Conversion scripts do apply both DML and DDL changes to the database. If an issue happens during conversion, you can restore from the backups. Changes to the schema can be found in our ApiDocs website. This article provides some good insights and guidelines to backup your DB Moving Sugar to Another Server.

Backup your instance's filesystem

Take a backup of your instance's file system, you can copy it, tar it, or whatever strategy you'd like to go with, just make sure you also include your uploads folder (if not in the same directory).

Go Convert!

The health check scanner will run as part of the conversion process to ensure that your instance is suitable for conversion. If any issues (red flags) are detected that are deemed incompatible for conversion, the health check will fail and you will not be able to proceed with the conversion until the issues have been resolved.

Use the following steps to convert your Sugar instance from Professional to Enterprise:

  1. Navigate to Admin >; Upgrade Wizard.
  2. In Step 1 of the upgrade wizard, click the Choose File button and select the conversion package from your local machine then click "Upload". The health check will now begin to run.
  3. Step 2 of the upgrade wizard will display the health check results marked by different colored icons. Click "Confirm" to proceed with the conversion. 
    Note: The Confirm button will be disabled if any issues deemed incompatible for conversion are detected. 
    • Green Checkmark: Health check passed. Any customizations detected in your instance marked with a green checkmark will be converted properly.
    • Yellow Ellipsis: Health check passed. Output is generated for issues that require attention. Should you choose to proceed with the conversion despite warnings, keep in mind the following: 
      • Your instance may contain customizations that will prevent certain modules from getting converted to Sugar's Sidecar user interface, leaving them with the Legacy user interface. 
      • Your customizations may be modified or disabled to facilitate the conversion. 
    • Red Exclamation: Health check failed. Any issues deemed incompatible for conversion will need to be resolved before proceeding. Click the Export Log button to view the log file and troubleshoot the issue.

      Refer to the Troubleshooting Health Check Output section of the knowledge base for details on resolving health check errors.
  4. A progress bar will display on the following screen showing each step (Upload the upgrade package, Healthcheck, Pre-upgrade, Upgrade, etc.) being completed. Once the conversion is completed successfully, click the Go to Home Page button. 
    Note: You can click the Export Log button if you wish to view the log file for the conversion. 
  5. Navigate to the About page in Sugar and it should now display your Sugar version with the letter "E" in the build number to indicate that you are now on Sugar Enterprise (e.g., "Version 11.0.0 (Build XXX E) (Q2 2021)").

Note: The Silent Upgrader may also be used to convert via the command line.

Going live (production conversion)

At production conversion day, follow the same steps as before with the extra caution to have all your users logged out from the system and no processes running. This isn't mandatory but would avoid concurrency in the conversion process and disruption and/or inconsistencies in your database.