We just finished up our own Sales Kickoff

Yesterday was a wrap for this year’s Sales Kick Off. Our CEO  and the top performers from 2023 are off to St Thomas for President’s Club. I’m taking a moment this morning to reflect on what was truly the most inspirational SKO that we’ve had in the past 20 years here at SugarCRM.

A big thanks to Craig for his inspirational and unwavering leadership as he guided us through last year and teed us up for our focus on key industries and CRM innovation in the year ahead.

I also echo all the insightful words below from our event organizer, . The power of in-person events in this post-lockdown era is 10x to what they were just 5 years ago. Being with your peeps and feeding off that collective #unstoppable energy is invaluable. Expect to see SugarCRM at more industry events than ever this year.

Kudos to our CMO  and the stellar marketing team for putting on a killer event and laying out an awesome plan for the year.

The #unstoppable energy from our sales team and partners had me grinning from ear to ear all week. So many smart, helpful and just plain cool people from around the world was just awe-inspiring. The Sugar sellers and partners have an incredible gift for walking anybody through the #unstoppable growth value in Sugar. I can’t wait to work with you on even more deals this year. And I really loved how our sales leadership organized this year’s SKO to be sellers learning from sellers. There is no better way to learn to be better than to hear the tips, tricks and success stories from your colleagues.

Kudos to our GMs  and  and the rest of our sellers and partners.

And a special shoutout to every seller and partner who made it to club. Enjoy your time on the Caribbean beach soaking up the sun today. You earned it!

What an absolutely awesome product roadmap presentation from our Chief Product Officer,  . Holy smokes, dude! That demo of what’s to come blew my socks off. Your vision for how GenAI is going to change the way we work is spot on. And the pure volume of innovation the product team delivered last year and has planned for this year is truly awe-inspiring.

Kudos to Zac,  and the rest of the products group. You all keep exciting me with your clever ways of putting killer CRM in the hands of our customers. 

Lastly, this was a special SKO for me personally as this June marks 20 years since I started Sugar. I’ve started thinking about what this anniversary means to me. It’s simple. It’s the people. All of the people throughout the years who have made Sugar into the perpetual CRM disruptor that it is today are so special to me. From the customers to the colleagues to the partners to all of the personal and professional supporters along the way, it’s the personal relationships I’ve been able to build that truly inspire and motivate me every day.

Cheers to a big 2024 ahead!

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