New and Improved flexible dashboards

SugarCRM is excited to introduce Flexible dashboards for our users in the Q4 2020 release for the Sell, Serve, and Enterprise Editions. Sugar’s User Experience team reached out to our users to find out what innovative features they wanted in a dashboard experience. Thanks to the vast participation by our users, we were able to provide feedback to our product team and begin developing an end to end experience. While we continue to develop features for future releases, we are excited to show you what will be coming in this upcoming release.

Flexible responsive grid

Dashboards are no longer restricted to a pre-configured layout, where users previously picked 1, 2, or 3 columns. With the new responsive grid, users are able to create a dashboard in any layout they can think of! Responsive dashboards will adjust to fit to the screen size you are working with automatically on a variety of devices.

Drag and Drop

We have made customizing your dashboard even easier. Now you are able to resize dashlets vertically and horizontally with a simple drag of the mouse.

Auto save

Saving your dashboard is a thing of the past. Now when you create your dashboard, add a new dashlet, or simply resize one, you no longer have to worry about whether you saved your changes or not. We will take care of it for you.

As we look to improve your access to data through innovating your dashboard experience, we will introduce new and improved features to make the user experience for building dashboards even more intuitive.