Where is the email I was working on in my nurture campaign?

I'm new to Sugar CRM and setting up my first Nurture campaign and first emails in the system. I've worked in other systems before. I spent hours yesterday setting up my email for the first step, but I needed to work on an image so I saved to come back today. Today I can't find the email anywhere. I made sure to save multiple times during the process. Where is the email I spent so much time on? Do I have to restart?? I can't find any help on this. 

  • I had the same problem and figured it out.

    On the email you have to click the gear icon, then the pencil for the Send Email dialog.

    It seems like the most obvious thing would be to be able to create/edit these outside of the nurture campaign builder.

  • Thanks! When I click the gear icon the only option I get is "create new" though. I don't get that "Send Email" pop up.

  • Thanks ! That's exactly right. 

    if you clicked on the same email step which you created your email and it has the 'create new' pop up instead of edit screen that John mentioned then the system doesn't have the email you were working on unfortunately.

    Depending on how you saved (perhaps as a template?), you might be able to click 'Create New' then when you go into the Campaign wizard, you might see your saved campaign as a template. To help prevent lose of data in the future, it might be a good idea to do a quick practice round of making some edits on a campaign - leave, then come back and make sure it saved as expected. 

    For example, If you click 'Create New' then go through the Campaign Wizard and either click 'Save and Exit' on the top right or 'Complete' on the bottom right of the Campaign Wizard. It will take you to that 'edit' screen that John mentioned. If you do not click 'Ok' on that edit screen, it will not save your campaign. We'll make a Feature Request on this one as you've already clicked save on the Campaign so I would have expected the campaign to save but it does not unless you do that last step.

    Apologize for the inconvenience but I hope this helps you on a going forward basis.

  • I am curious what the thought process is for having to build emails as part of the nurture instead of being able to build them in EMB 2.0 and then use them?

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