What is best practice around using Revenue Line Items in conjunction with the Product Catalog dashlet

We are utlising Revenue Line Items (RLIs) on Opportunities and have found some counter intuitive behaviour which is causing us to question whether we are approaching the RLI module in the correct way.

The standard Sugar behaviour when creating an RLI by clicking on a Template on the Product Catalog dashlet is to set the unit price from the catalogue, set the quantity to 1 and have the Likey and Calculated Amount match.

However, if you need more than 1 item, and modify the quantity to say 5, then the Likely remains at the single item unit price (whilst the Calculated Amount updates accordingly).

If you delete the value in the Likely column, on save of the Opp/RLI, the Likely is automatically set to the same as the Calculated Amount. However, this is not an intuitive action.

In short: why doesn't the Likely update on new RLIs when the quantity field is updated? Is there something obvious here that we are missing?