Cases being automatically assigned to certain user

Good morning,

I have a question regarding cases that are being automatically assigned to one certain user in our team. This wasn't the case previously until I added her to a team. Now every case that comes in, is automatically assigned to her instead of "Administrator". I saw she is a member of the team I assigned her to, but my other coworker on the team does not automatically get assigned to the cases. His membership on the team is also "member reporting to" and not just member (her membership is called "member"). So I think it has something to do with that. I have tried to change this for my other coworker as well, but I don't know where to change this. I have already checked the Sugar manual regarding teams and roles, but it hasn't provided an answer for this matter.

Thank you in advance for your answer and help!

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Maike Mak 

  • Hello Maike,


    To get to the root of this first we need to understand how the cases are being assigned to the users.

    -If it is via the “Create Case from Email” on the inbound email the answer should be in Admin> Inbound Email > Email Handling Options

    Double-check if all the users belong to the team that is being set in “Assign to Teams” by navigating to the Team record.


    The users that are “Member Reports-to” on the team will not get Cases assigned.

    They are part of the team because they have a user in the team reporting to them, they can see the records of that team but are out of the round-robin. If you want to add them, perform the actions that shared in the previous answer. 



     - If it’s via a Process Definition You need to navigate to the process that is being triggered and understand the assignment options.

    Let me know what you find out.

  • Hi Andre,

    Thank you for your answer. I have checked the following: 

    Admin - Inbound email - E-mail Assigned team. This seems to be correct. However I found out not all users who can see the cases assigned to this team, are actually assigned to this team. I checked their assigned teams and I saw they are all put on Global and their own personal team. However, they can see the assigned cases to the team they are not assigned to as well. 

    The only difference with my coworkers and the coworker who gets cases automatically assigned, is that she has a different role. She has more rights. 

    "Member-Reports-To" she reports to someone else on the team so this is filled in for her. That would explain why she has the membership "member" role on the team and not "member reports to". 

    I also checked the process definitions and it is currently applied like this. I will add the screenshots below with translation:

    Under New Case created by administrator the following settings are applied:

    Is van toepassing op - Only applicable to: Only new records

    Criteria: created by administrator

    Then the second task in the workflow settings:

    Update case: priority normal & source = e-mail. 

    Under type actions we have the following buttons: 

    Niet toegewezen: not assigned to, zakelijke regel: business rule, gebruiker toewijzen: assign to user 

    Veld wijzigen: change field, gerelateerd record toevoegen: add related record, doc samenvoegen: merge document

    I think, I might have to add Niet-Toegewezen in type action to make sure the cases don't get assigned to anyone but I am not sure if this would mess up the workflow.

    Thank you again for your help and your answer!

    Best regards,


  • Hello Maike, 

    On the process definition, the Second Action is a "Change Field".

    Check there if the "Assigned to" field is being changed. 

    If not, the problem should not be in the Process Definition. 

    If you can't narrow down the problem I would advise you to create a support case and our support team will be able to guide you in finding the root cause. 

  • Hi Andre,

    Thank you for your reply, I checked the Assigned to field and it is being changed. so that seems to work correctly. I just created a case for the support team. 

    Thank you again for your help and replies.

    Best regards,


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