Gmail account for workflow notifications getting disabled nightly after 5/30/22 Google update

Google changed on May 30th to not use "less secure apps". We have a regular gmail account set up so that our workflow notifications to our employees get sent from Sugar Enterprise to our firm employees using that gmail address. I have set up 2FA, and in the admin system email settings I have added the app password for the gmail account. Now we do get notifications except every single night at about 5:30pm central Google disables our gmail account. I have to then login to that account and it's automatically recovered. Does anyone know why this is happening as I'm not getting a lot of help from support? In each of my users profiles there is a place for the gmail address and password as well. Should we be using the app password there also OR the password for the actual Google account? Trying desperately since the 16th to get this resolved. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I must also add that there is no reason given by google for the account being disabled. 

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