Product level tax rates

Has anyone else looked into implementing different Tax rates at product level, to subsequently use these within Quoted line items module?

The Product Catalogue module currently only has a dropdown to identify if a product is either Taxable or Non-Taxable, no filed to select which tax rate.

By the way, as we cannot even create the relationship between Product catalogue and Tax module as it's not in Studio, does anyone know how to expose this module to make use of it in Studio?

Many thanks

  • Its possible to add a custom dropdown field to the Product Catalogue (e.g. producttaxrate_c) and then
    1) specify text and/or numeric field for the QLI record (e.g. productTaxRate_string_c and productTaxRate_value_c)
    2) set them up as calculated fields for QLI , e.g.
    3) setup Worksheet Columns in the Quote Configuration (in Admin section)

    That will make the tax rate  per QLI product possible

    The next question is how to include different QLI taxes into the Quote/Invoice printout, specifically in the Quotes footer
    Technically the simple solution might be just to add the custom field - aka Grand Tax - for using it in the Quote footer (that might be Quote custom filed) and then to calculate its value from the QLI taxes rates
    If you are keen to make it no-coding then, perhaps, that could be done via configuring a logic hook on QLI is saved

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • hi

    Thanks for your efforts.

    I would suggest keeping it simp0le and also not use calculated field in the QLI but instead add a Relate field to the Tax rates module same as we did for the Catalogue module.

    I have logged into your demo instance and added this Relate field to the QLI and the Quotes layout (can't seem to change it's position to be after Line item total).

    So the logic hook only needs to lookup the Tax rate when a product is added into Quote QLI from the matching product catalogue entry.

    Then all that remains is to adjust the calculated fields so as they take the Tax rate Relate field into consideration, which we can do.

    Hope that makes sense?

  • Hi

    Sorry for the delay with the reply

    Below is the logic hook that sets up the Tax rate for the QLI based on a Product specified for the QLI 

    Please note that Sugar logic hooks run on server-side actions, inc data entered is being saved to the database, so the configured logic hook will populate Tax Rate Related with product catalogue entry's Tax rate on QLI is submitted for saving - e.g. when the checkbox for the QLI grid line is clicked by the user:

    If using logic hooks works for the case, here is the logic hook implementation drawing :

    and ZIP file - to deploy the logic hook for the Sugar instance with Module Loader:

    Please note that as the drawing shows, the logic hook custom configuration sticks to the custom fields' names 

    Therefore, the following conditions should be met for that logic hook proper functioning:
    1) the custom Relate field for Tax Rate in the Product Catalogue should be named as "tax_rate_c" (label not important)
    2) the custom Relate field for Tax Rate in the QLI  should be named as "tax_rate_related_c" (label not important)

    I've deployed the logic hook implementation for (admin, asdf) so that we could try it out -  also I could make adjustments to the logic hook configuration if necessary

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  • hi
    apologies for late reply, I had a little break Blush

    It seems the demo instance no longer works.

    In the meantime, on reading I notice your logic hook is 'on save' and wondered if better to use 'before save'?

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