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Are you able to have members of an Account show in the Sugar Portal. I have a business with multiple locations and would like them to be able to see the cases associated with each without having multiple logins to the portal!

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  • I agree it is not currently possible, more due to the fact that one Contact in Sugar (for how it works and it is structured) is supposed by default to be related only to one Account at the time.

    It is definitely possible to extend and customise the portal visibility model since version 9.2, but it is indeed quite technical.

    In specific to extend the Cases visibility one should look at data/visibility/portal/Cases.php (which should be extended in the equivalent custom directory) in addition to an extension to the Case's vardefs definition specifically in this area, to point to the extended visibility file:

        'portal_visibility' => [
            'class' => 'Cases',
            'links' => [
                'Accounts' => 'accounts',
                'Contacts' => 'contacts',

    More information on how to extend the portal functionality can be found on other threads, specifically here:

    Be mindful that extending the visibility opens up the opportunity of making a mistake and showing more data than supposed to as well. It needs to be tested throughly before applying it to any production environment.

    Hopefully it helps to extend the current functionality the way you want it to work


    Enrico Simonetti

    Senior Manager, Integrations Development

    SugarCRM Inc

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