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In the Accounts module I want to add a Date of last meeting field and have it auto populate.  Is there a way to have it locate the last meeting held and put the date of that meeting in the field?  Thanks so much

  • Hi Amy,

    You can achieve this functionality by creating a few calculated fields via Studio. 

    Meetings Module

    1. Go to Admin > Studio > Meetings > Fields > Add Field
    2. Create a custom date field (e.g. meeting_held_date_c) with the following formula in the 'Calculated Value' section: 

      This formula checks to see if the status is held, and if so, inherits the start date of the meeting.

    3. (Optional) Add the field to the Meetings record view layout

    Accounts Module

    1. Go to Admin > Studio > Accounts > Fields > Add Field
    2. Create a custom date field with the following formula in the 'Calculated Value' section:

      This formula reviews all related meetings to the account to return the highest date value in the previously created custom field.

    3. (Optional) Add the field to the Accounts record view layout

    Once both fields are created, any meetings saved will populate the custom field if their status is held. Similarly, any accounts saved will populate the highest related date from the custom field. 

    Any pre-existing records will be empty. To remedy that issue, you will need to perform 1 of the following operations on the existing leads:

    1. Individually save the necessary meetings and then the related accounts
    2. Run a 'Recalculate Values' operation from the Meetings list view on the desired records and then again on the Accounts list view

    I hope this helps!

  • hi
    Do you know of how to get the opposite, in other words instead of
    maxRelatedDate get minRelatedDate

    an example would be to calculate the earliest Opportunity Closed Won date for each customer.


    CRM Business Consultant

  • Hi ,

    There is a Sugar Logic function that achieves this use case called rollupConditionalMinDate. I'm not sure on when this was introduced as it doesn't appear to be in the documentation for Sugar 12. I confirmed it is in Sugar 11; it may be available in earlier releases. On the Accounts module, I created a date field with the following formula:

    rollupConditionalMinDate($opportunities,"date_closed",createList("sales_status"),createList("Closed Won"))

    After adding the field, I then recalculated values on the account records and confirmed that the earliest closed date of an account's won opportunities populates as expected. 

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