How can I set the default address in the from field in the cases compose email drawer?

My users are part of teams which have multiple email addresses they can send from. These emails are configured as a outgoing email account in the email module. The majority of the time, they will use one particular email address, but the address they use most is third in the "From" drop down of outgoing email addresses when they use the compose email drawer in the cases module. I have read through several support articles involving version 7&8 but don't seem to cover my issue. My objective is to have the ability to set a default for this drop down in the cases drawer per user. Can someone give me some insight on how I can achieve this?

Here are some of the articles I have combed through so far.… 

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  • In later Sugar versions users can easily define the default outgoing email account:


    The following 11.3.0 Emails behavior has changed in 12.0.x:

    Feature Sugar 11.3 Behavior Sugar 12.0 Behavior
    Favorite and Preferred Sending Accounts Users can favorite Outgoing Email Accounts to prioritize them in the "From" address field when composing an email. Favorite email accounts are in alphabetical order, followed by all other accounts in alphabetical order. Users can mark an account as a favorite and/or a "Preferred Sending Account" to prioritize the account in the "From" dropdown when composing an email. Accounts that are marked as favorites and preferred sending accounts are at the top of the list, followed by accounts that are marked as favorites in alphabetical order, followed by preferred sending accounts in alphabetical order, followed by all other accounts in alphabetical order.
  • This is great, but we're still missing one important feature.

    When replying on Cases we should be able to default the From to default to the inbound email mailbox's address.

    In other words if the email comes to info@xyz the from on the reply should default to and if the email comes in to the reply should default as from 

    I don't believe we are the only ones who had to customize the Reply action to achieve this (and it's not pretty).


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