Let's talk about the customised double opt in process.

Hi everyone,

Like most email marketers here I appreciate having the option to choose between a single and double opt in when creating signup forms. I've recently set up a double opt in on a form we use on the footer of our website (pretty standard so far).

Sugar Market gives use two options:

1- check the "double opt in" box when you set up your form and voila! But there's a trick:

The opt in confirmation email and landing page can not be customised whatsoever. And they look pretty grim if I'm honest. 

The confirmation email is not sent via your sub-domain but via an unknown one, and emails ended up directly in spam when tested them with icloud / yahoo.

2- Customised the double opt-in process for a branded email confirmation and landing page:

One thing they don't tell you is that the "double opt in" check box should be left unchecked for this process, which didn't seem intuitive to me.

Create your own confirmation email and HTML page (ok, easy peasy)

Then link that email to your form via an action: when form is completed > send "opt in confirmation" trigger email.

The question is, how does Sugar knows that this email is a double opt in email? How does it know that the user has to click on the CTA button in the email to allow Sugar to opt them in and send them marketing emails?

Well it doesn't. 

Whether the user clicks on the confirmation email's CTA button or not, they will still be opted in and be added to nurtures.

Therefore I'm not sure why this is called a "customised double opt in process" since the double opt in doesn't happen. Can this be clearly explained in your supporting documentation? Also why is the process for such a basic feature like this one so convoluted?

I'm certain someone will respond to this with a "manual workaround" but the likes of Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, Marketo etc... are making Sugar Market looks like an ancient dinosaur sometimes.

I appreciate certain aspects of it but that platform needs some serious love.

  • Hi Enzo,

    Thanks for describing the double opt-in alternative. I'm quite new to Sugar Market and I haven't implemented a double opt-in process with it yet so I learned something. What you laid out seems similar (i.e. manual vs. out-of-the-box) to what a solution like Act-On provides. I'll let the Sugar Market experts confirm but I assume that once the recipients have clicked on the confirmation email CTA and opened the landing page, you can consider them as double opt-ins. You would need to create a report based on this behavior to make a list of double opt-ins.

    Anyone let me know whether my understanding is correct or not.

  • Hi François, yes that's correct. However you can't then use that list to feed data to customer reports created for other e-shots.Ideally there should be a double opt in field that then allows us to filter these customers 

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