SugarOutfitters April Round-Up

April Round-Up

Published Add-Ons

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Visually create, build and automate workflows between SugarCRM and thousands of apps with Make - Workflow Automation for SugarCRM.

Pull the necessary data you need into Sugar and migrate to get your platform up and running easier and faster with Integration & Migration Powered by Starfish ETL.

Create beautiful surveys that let you seamlessly and simply engage with customers and prospects with KINAMU Typeform Integration.

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  • Hi Tony - 

    What are you referring to? The SugarOutfitters reseller affiliate program is still active with no changes there. SugarCRM doesn't use affiliate codes when linking to SugarOutfitters add-ons because we reserve that program for our affiliate partners. If our partners promote add-ons on their websites and blogs, they're free to use their affiliate codes.