Meet Our 2024 Customer Breakthrough Award Winners

Another Customer Breakthrough Awards editing, another wrap-up! And guess what? We've got fourteen amazing winners to shout out! Started back in 2021, these awards are all about giving props to the awesome customers using SugarCRM worldwide. This year, we've spiced things up by adding some fresh faces and cool new categories. 

Check out the official press release with all the winner details, or dive in a bit deeper right here. Let’s give these stars a round of applause and show them some love in the comments! 

The first four winners are our Customers of the Year, and there is one winner per region. This award celebrates customers who have cultivated a lasting partnership with SugarCRM by achieving significant business impact using the platform and engaging with the Sugar ecosystem and SugarClub in the journey to reduce manual processes and make the hard things easier for their business and their customers. 

 zazen Water, a provider of alkaline water solutions in Australia, is recognized for its use of SugarCRM to support business growth and customer satisfaction. Through strategic integrations, zazen Water automated its business and customer service operations to streamline high-order volume processing. Notably, during its Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 campaign, zazen Water managed a significant order peak, accomplishing its same-day dispatch promise, which prior to the automation & integration projects, would have required 16 employees when the process was manual. 

  FAMO GmbH & Co. KG, a German wholesaler of electrical and plumbing products, is recognized for its collaboration with Sugar partner Insignio to deploy SugarCRM for advanced customer data management and opportunity nurturing, the Sugar mobile app with ERP data integration for field sales support, and Sugar Market for automated newsletters and targeted communications. 

 Alto-Shaam, providing foodservice equipment solutions to more than 90 countries globally, is recognized for the use of SugarCRM to significantly enhance opportunity close rates by 61 percent while achieving up to 600 hours of time savings in marketing and sales efforts to forecast customer needs. The integration of Sugar Sell with Sugar Market has streamlined key processes, improved lead management, and enhanced operational efficiency and global communication. 

 Mac Construtora e Incorporadora (MAC), a leader in construction and development in São Paulo, is recognized for creative use of SugarCRM in the dynamic real estate market. Technology adoption significantly improved lead management and customer engagement, enhancing marketing approaches and project sales, resulting in a substantial increase in sales, ranging from 50% to 94% in their real estate agency. This, in turn, led to MAC substantially reducing its dependence on partnering with other real estate agencies. 

The Customer Experience Award celebrates the SugarCRM customer who has centralized their business on one platform to drive customer experience innovation and has a bold vision for the future of customer engagement. 

 Empresas ADOC, a Central American retail company, is recognized for using SugarCRM to drive business growth and improve customer engagement. 

Founded in 1953 by Don Roberto Palomo in El Salvador, ADOC has a rich history of using high-quality materials and specialized techniques to produce outstanding products that meet the needs of its customers. ADOC is a customer-driven business supported by a culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong, lasting customer relationships. In addition to its own branded footwear, ADOC has also partnered with a few international brands, including Hush Puppies, The North Face, CAT, and Steve Madden, to create a complete shopping experience for its customers. 

The company significantly improved customer service quality and customer retention, reduced customer churn while establishing a loyalty program named “Puntos ADOC” that attracted over 600,000 members, representing more than 20% of total sales. 

The Marketing Excellence Award celebrates the use of marketing automation to achieve significant business improvements or growth. 

 The Swedish Institute (SI), a Swedish government agency, is recognized for its innovative approach to data management and customer engagement. The Sugar Sell and Sugar Market platform integration centralizes data, segments audiences, and automates responses, significantly enhancing marketing efficiency and improving SI’s engagement with international students and alumni. The Swedish Institute saw an increase of 31.8 percent in lead volume since implementing SugarCRM and boasts a competitive 40%-50 percent open rate on marketing emails. 

“Exsitec AB has been the Swedish Institutes SugarCRM partner from the start and helped us set up our accounts. In close partnership, they helped and trained us to create lead scoring models and setting up individual modules in SugarSell so that we could make use of all marketing data. “ notes Jan-Frederic Buss, Senior Digital Manager, Swedish Institute 

The Sales Excellence Award celebrates the customer who sets the bar high for what is considered sales excellence, using sales automation to its fullest to achieve significant KPI improvements or growth for the business. 

 J&J Ventures Gaming, LLC, a leader in gaming and amusements and one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., is recognized for implementing Sugar Sell to consolidate customer accounts and interactions into a centralized communication hub across sales, marketing, and account management. Streamlined sales processes have established a new model for sales excellence for the J&J team and their growth in the gaming industry. 

The Service Excellence Award celebrates the customer that consistently delivers exceptional customer support and has utilized the SugarCRM platform to achieve significant improvements in customer service. 

 Super General Company of the Albatha Group in the UAE, is recognized for revolutionizing its service operations with Sugar Serve. Working with Sugar partner Ambit Software, Super General successfully implemented a repair and maintenance service platform, including a field management application for efficient case handling, and simplified technician dispatching. Due to increased efficiency and workload management, the number of cases per technician has surged by up to 26% achieved alongside a 10% increase in first-time fix rate. Other notable achievements include a significant increase in call closure rates and substantial improvements in customer satisfaction scores. 

“We extend our sincere appreciation to Ambit Software for their outstanding support in implementing Sugar Serve and their cutting-edge field management solution for our service center. Their team's unwavering dedication, in-depth expertise, and collaborative spirit played a pivotal role in transforming our service operations. Ambit Software not only delivered innovative solutions but also actively engaged with our team, ensuring a seamless integration process. Their commitment to our success has significantly increased our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Ambit Software has truly proven to be a trusted partner, providing invaluable support every step of the way.”, mentions Robert Pienkny, Digital Transformation Manager, Super General. 

The Industry Excellence Award celebrates a SugarCRM customer within the realms of manufacturing, wholesale, or distribution, who has demonstrated exceptional prowess in leveraging Sugar and seamlessly integrating it with core solutions. This exemplifies a commitment to excellence by triumphing over intricate supply chain challenges, orchestrating a seamless customer experience, and propelling business growth. 

 Reusable Transport Packaging, a leader in sustainable transport packaging solutions, is recognized for using SugarCRM to improve its bottom line, unify customer data, streamline processes, and increase sales efficiency resulting in a 20 percent revenue growth year over year. A key strategy in its growth is the use of Sugar Market for regular email communications, which keeps customers, distributors, and leads informed about new products, pricing updates, and other relevant 

“By partnering with Faye BSG for the implementation process, Reusable Transport Packaging was able to customize their instance of Sugar CRM to best support their daily operations, which has enabled them to use data to drive business decisions that have fueled growth in 2023.”, notes Erik Laracuente, Marketing Manager, Reusable Transport Packaging. 

The next two awards are our winners of the Technology Partnership Award. This award celebrates the trusted advisor/advisee relationship between our Reseller/ISV partners and SugarCRM customers. Together, they join forces to drive innovation and ensure positive business outcomes. Whether it's through consultation, implementation, or maximizing platform investments via app integrations, this collaboration showcases the epitome of partnership success. 

  FSIoffice, a leading independent office supply company, together with sales-i were chosen as joint 2024 winners of the ISV Technology Partnership Award for transforming FSIoffice’s CRM strategy from data repository to sales powerhouse, with 40 percent improved sales efficiency. Supported by Sugar partner CRM International, FSIoffice is driving remarkable revenue growth and enhancing customer engagement with Sugar Sell Premier and sales-i for predictive business-to-business (B2B) sales intelligence. 

“The integrated solutions of SugarCRM and sales-i offers FSIoffice a total sales/marketing solution. The result is FSIoffice is able to utilize SugarCRM’s customer demographics and sales and marketing automation combined with transactional purchase data and hard data” from sales-i  to help maximize customer share of business”, mentions Neil Saviano, President & Founder, CRM International. 

 The Joint Corp. the nation’s largest provider of chiropractic care through The Joint Chiropractic® network and Faye were chosen as the 2024 winners of the Reseller Technology Partnership Award for driving significant improvements in healthcare operations after transitioning to SugarCRM and AWS, with a 40 percent increase in web transaction speed. This transformation allowed The Joint to focus on integrating AI to elevate SugarCRM from a functional tool to a strategic platform for competitive differentiation in the chiropractic care sector. 

“For the last year, Faye has been the primary development partner of The Joint Corp., conducting continuous software development on our SugarCRM instance. This development has included system enhancements, defect resolution, and a multitude of related larger scale projects. The Joint Corp. technology team has worked closely with our Faye partners to ensure that our SugarCRM instance is utilized to its highest potential, and we look forward to the next level of our partnership.”, concludes Peter Holt, CEO, The Joint Corp. 

The Judges Choice Award celebrates outstanding overall efforts leveraging SugarCRM and a customer with passion, enthusiasm, and impact that won over the hearts and minds of the judging committee. 

 RTCR, the public transit provider in La Rochelle, France, operating under the Yélo brand, is recognized for significantly enhancing customer service with Sugar Serve with implementation support by Sugar partner Synolia. The deployment has led to a minimum 3 percent increase in customer satisfaction and streamlining complaint management, saving agents’ time by 50 percent through improved response structuring. 

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Congratulations to Our SugarClub Community Members! 

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