Meet Our 2022 Customer Breakthrough Award Winners

That's a wrap on our 2022 Customer Breakthrough Awards; we have sixteen new winners to celebrate this year! The Customer Breakthrough Awards began in 2021 to celebrate SugarCRM customers worldwide for their success using the platform. After naming eleven winners in the inaugural year, we're so thrilled to broaden the victor pool this year to include new names, new faces, and even a few partners.

You can read about our winners in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in this official press release, and our winners in Australia, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Americas in this press release. Yes, there were so many winners that we needed two announcements!

We invite you to get to know the winners in more detail below and share in the celebration by extending your congratulations!

The first four winners are our Customers of the Year, and there is one winner per region. The Customer of the Year award celebrates customers who have cultivated a lasting partnership with SugarCRM by achieving significant business impact using the platform and engaging with the Sugar ecosystem and SugarClub in the journey to achieve high-definition customer experience.

 Engenco Limited was chosen as the 2022 APAC Customer of the Year for demonstrating excellence in deploying SugarCRM across its businesses to drive data completeness for improved visibility and sales adoption. Engenco, partnering with CRM Online Australia Pty Ltd, receives special recognition for their use of Sugar Mobile to support field-based team members providing a diverse range of innovative products and solutions for transportation.

 WFG National Title Insurance Company, a Williston Financial Group company, was chosen as the 2022 North America Customer of the Year for its dedication to investing in technology to support their business goal of streamlining the real estate transaction process. With SugarCRM's marketing and cloud-based CRM solution, WFG National Title Insurance Company excels in creating a user-friendly experience for enhanced customer experience and reduced busy work, blind spots and roadblocks to achieve improved business outcomes.

 Rightmove was chosen as the EMEA Customer of the Year for exemplifying how to constantly innovate and drive business efficiencies by adopting solutions like Sugar Connect in support of its goal of enhancing products and pricing to more precisely match the needs of the customer. By engaging in events—and even hosting events—, being a key contributor to the customer community SugarClub, and its half-decade tenure as a loyal Sugar customer, Rightmove is recognized for cultivating a long-lasting partnership with SugarCRM that serves as a testament for how to achieve ROI and value with Sugar.

 Close-Up International, the first company in the world to create medical prescription audits in the pharmaceutical market, was chosen as the LATAM Customer of the Year for eliminating blind spots, busy work and roadblocks by maturing from manual processes to unifying their key data to support real business improvements. To date, Close-Up, who works with Solutions Partner GrowIT, has documented 12,000 activities, 16,000 opportunities and 1500 contracts to drive significantly improved knowledge and customer engagement. "We highlight the excellent collaboration and customer service that we have received from the team of professionals at GrowIT, an Argentina-based partner of Sugar, who helped implement Sugar Sell in 2022 and with whom we are managing our commercial strategies for customers," states Ariel Sindel, Commercial Excellence Manager LaTam, Close-Up International

The Impact for Change Award celebrates the SugarCRM customer that is making positive contributions to their community, leveraging Sugar to support their mission.

 Wesley Mission Queensland, a not-for-profit community service provider that offers community support, hardship and emergency relief, mental health services, aged, disability and palliative care and retirement living, was chosen as the 2022 winner for the Impact for Change award. Wesley Mission Queensland displays distinctive work in utilizing the SugarCRM platform to respond quicker to their nearly 10,000 client queries a month, supporting their important work in the community and curating a helpful and caring staff.

The Adoption for Growth Award celebrates the SugarCRM customer driving Sales, Marketing, and/or Service adoption of the Sugar platform to align their business processes and cultivate a culture that supports consistent improvement and usage.

 CQUniversity Australia, an early pioneer in distance education and now delivering courses across Australia through its network of campus and delivery site partners, CQUniversity, was chosen as the 2022 winner for the Adoption for Growth award because of their devotion to continuous improvement with SugarCRM. CQUniversity has committed to driving usage of SugarCRM to improve engagement with its most important stakeholders. The system is used by nearly 800 staff across 100 teams to support over 30,000 students and 100,000 alumni daily.

The Sales Excellence Award celebrates the SugarCRM customer who sets the bar high for what is considered sales excellence, using sales automation to its fullest to achieve significant KPI improvements or growth for the business.

 ONI-Waermetrafo GmbH, a future-oriented business offering energy-saving system solutions with worldwide recognition, was chosen for as the 2022 winner for the Sales Excellence award for leveraging SugarCRM's cloud-based solution to its fullest potential to drive substantial business improvement, increased win rates, and transparency into key sales processes. Partnering with solutions partner ISC it & software consultants GmbH who offers expertise and guidance on ONI-Waermetrafo GmbH's Sugar implementation.

"ISC it & software consultants GmbH provided us with professional and competent support throughout the entire CRM project. We at ONI have benefited enormously from ISC's many years of experience in CRM consulting and CRM implementation," shares Melanie Kesseler, Executive Assistant, ONI-Waermetrafo.

The Service Excellence Award celebrates the SugarCRM customer that consistently delivers exceptional customer support and has utilized the Sugar platform to achieve significant improvements in customer service.

 NTI - National Transport Insurance, Australia's leading specialist insurer for transport and logistics industries, was chosen as the 2022 winner for the Service Excellence award for its commitment to delivering outstanding customer service leveraging Sugar's customer service solution, Sugar Serve. NTI, working with solutions partner Evolution Marketing Services Pty Ltd, has leveraged Sugar to innovate and improve their roadside assistance system, their claims system, and roadside assistance tracking and safety system, as well as manage a 30% increase in call volume while improving their CSAT scores. "NTI have been a pleasure to work with, from the early stages of evaluating Sugar's capabilities to a highly collaborative implementation process. The high levels of adoption and satisfaction from users, customers and stakeholders demonstrate the benefits of working in partnership to create world-class customer experiences," shares Darren Flood - Managing Director, Evolution Marketing.

The Marketing Excellence Award celebrates the use of marketing automation to achieve significant business improvements or growth.

 quirion AG, a Berlin-founded robo-advisor worth over 1.2 billion EURs in investment volume, was chosen as the 2022 winner of the Marketing Excellence award for its combined use of SugarCRM's marketing automation solution, Sugar Market, and CRM to automate marketing campaigns and communications for increased conversion rates, integrated business processes and tightly aligned sales and marketing teams. quirion AG works with solution partner Insignio CRM GmbH, who offers guidance and assistance with their Sugar implementation.

The Business Transformation Award celebrates the SugarCRM customer that has leveraged the platform to mature from manual processes, disjointed technology, and/or an uninspired use of CRM to automate and transform their use of Sugar to sell, service, and market faster and smarter.

 Juniper Education was chosen as the 2022 winner of the Business Transformation award for their adoption of the ethos to work smarter and not harder by centralizing 13 business units, all billing, and sales information within one view using Sugar after making incredible strides to mature from manual and disjointed technology to a sophisticated use of CRM. This comprehensive education software service provider dedicated to pupil success has transformed their business using Sugar to improve data and reporting, reduce steps in their users' day-to-day and integrate their tools through Sugar.

The next two awards are our winners of the Technology Partnership Award. This new award celebrates the trusted advisor/advisee relationship between a partner and SugarCRM customer who have joined forces to drive innovation and positive business outcomes. There are two winners from two regions.

 e2b Teknologies and BrainSell are joint recipients of the 2022 North America Technology Partnership Award, the first award of its kind in Sugar history, which recognizes the two companies' close working connection that expands beyond the traditional customer/vendor relationship. BrainSell, a technology business consulting provider and long-time solutions partner of SugarCRM, is recognized for their expertise and guidance to e2b Teknologies, an enterprise resource planning company, in supporting their success using the Sugar platform, connecting their sales and marketing teams for improved business outcomes and centralizing their customer information across three divisions into one view for improved business efficiencies. "BrainSell was instrumental in providing us with the information, options and expertise to transform our CRM from a repository of information into an essential business tool. We could not be more pleased with the team at BrainSell and SugarCRM," states Lynne Henslee, President, e2b Teknologies.

Bejo Zaden B.V. and Insignio CRM GmbH are joint recipients of the 2022 EMEA Technology Partnership Award, the first award of its kind in Sugar history, which recognizes the two companies' close working connection that expands beyond the traditional customer/vendor relationship. Insignio CRM GmbH is recognized for curating a partnership with trust and collaboration at its core when supporting and consulting Bejo, the world leader in breeding, production and distribution of vegetable seeds by supporting their global migration and standardization of thirty businesses on disparate CRM and ERP systems through the cloud-based Sugar platform.

The CX Innovation Award celebrates the SugarCRM customer who has centralized their business on one platform to drive customer experience innovation and has a bold vision for the future of customer engagement.

 Loveland Pulse was chosen as the 2022 winner of the highly distinguished CX Innovation Award for a true demonstration of what end-to-end customer experience looks like using the Sugar cloud-based platform with the guidance of solutions partner, BrainSell. Loveland Pulse, a municipally run fiber utility that offers high-speed internet, TV, and voice services with a goal to make high-speed internet accessible to anyone in the Loveland community, has implemented the Sugar platform across their service, tech support, engineering, marketing, and sales teams in a relatively short period of time. Loveland Pulse has thoughtfully placed Sugar as the hub for their business to reduce busy work, blind spots, and roadblocks from their 40 users day-to-day to better support their 80,000 residents and exemplify Sugar's ethos to let the platform do the work.

"BrainSell was integral in getting Pulse set up with Sugar. They took the time to understand our specific needs, then guided us on how we could best utilize the Sugar ecosystem to work with our business processes and pinpointed areas we could improve on. BrainSell also provided custom training for each of our teams and continue to advise us on complex configurations and new requests," says Kerrilyn O'Rourke, Marketing Coordinator, Loveland Pulse

The Judges Choice Award was a last-minute addition to the Awards program this year. After reviewing the nominations, we felt that one customer deserved recognition despite not having been selected for an award. The Judges Choice Award celebrates the customer for their overall efforts leveraging Sugar to support their business and for their loyalty, enthusiasm, and real business impact.

 Asendia Management, a decade-old venture offering a comprehensive range of international e-commerce and mail delivery solutions to over 200 countries globally, is recognized as the 2022 Judges Choice award winner. Asendia, partnering with solutions partner Captivea, is being recognized for their overall efforts leveraging Sugar to support their business and for their loyalty, enthusiasm, and real business impact. After bringing two companies and 15 subsidiaries globally into one system to create global transparency, Asendia now supports 400 users and has increased its lead volume by 25 percent each year. "Captivea has been an efficient and reliable partner that has helped us adapt SugarCRM to our ever-evolving business needs," shares David-Alexandre Krupa, Sales Excellence Manager, Asendia Management.

Special recognition is extended to the Runner Up for this award category, NETCO, a computer systems and network company located in the Netherlands, who demonstrate excellence in end-to-end management of their business through Sugar and have seen a strong return on investment working under the guidance of solutions partner BrixCRM.

 Look out for our Customer Breakthrough Award Winners around SugarClub by looking for this exclusive badge on their profiles and share a congratulatory note!

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