Change detail view layout

Can the width of the detail view layout be modified to be full screen width?
For example, maybe collapse the list view on the left of this screen?

  • Hi Vincent

    There is no way to collapse ListView directly inside app

    Default behaviour is that on tablet devices 2 layouts are shown when possible and on phone device only 1 layout is shown. However you can modify this behaviour and force tablets into 'phone' mode by setting property in config file

    This property is jsConfig.deviceMode. Possible values are auto/phone/tablet

  • Hi Eugene Bychkov
    That sounds like a potential workaround, although would be great to have that option within the App for users to decide, any chances of that getting added in core pretty please? 

    Especially if a user wants to use tablet in portrait view (to view more on screen or reduce scrolling), the same effect is worse.

    One last point, does the config also allow for this setting to only affect certain modules, or how else can that be achieved?

    CRM Business Consultant

  • Brittany GLover  please take a look if we want to support functionality similar to this

    As for module-specific config setting: no it is not supported out of the box. The only way to implement this would be make customization using mobile sdk

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