Action Required to use Mobile SDK versions 45.0 and 46.0

With versions 45.0 and 46.0 of the Mobile SDK, we've introduced a few breaking changes that will require you to update your syntax for a couple of pieces of functionality in order to use these SDK versions. Here is a summary of the functionality with its original syntax and the new syntax you should use once on the relevant SDK build:

Functionality Old Syntax New Syntax Change Introduced In
Import SDK Class const customization = require('%app.core%/customization'); import customization from '%app.core%/customization'; 45.0
Extend SDK Class let MeetingsListView = customization.extend(FilteredListView, { class MeetingsListView extends FilteredListView { 46.0

These changes are also listed in the Mobile SDK 45.0 and Mobile SDK 46.0 release notes. For details on working with the SDK, including code examples that demonstrate the new syntax, refer to the Mobile SDK Developer Guide.

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