over 1 year ago

Exporting relationships from one instance to other using Studio

Hi, Can we have a functionality to export the relationships added through studio so that we can export all the relationships from one instance to other., the same way how we export studio customisation. 

Right now,

Option 1) We are creating them manually on each instance -- This is time consuming and there is chance of missing any relationship when we have more modules and relationships 

Option 2) Collecting all the relationship related files(metadata, layouts, sub panels, etc)  from codebase and building package by having a manifest so that all the relationships can be deployed on other instance but this is not an easy task when we have many modules and relationships.

If we have this functionality part of Sugar core, then it will be useful and admin user can easily select the relationships to be exported and deploy on other instance. The functionality should have exception handling to validate the availability of source and destination modules before deploying, Thank you.

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