How to modify Listview of a subpanel?

I can modify Listview of modules by changing the code in include\ListView\ListViewData. If I wanted any column data to show in red color I can do that by changing code of above file. Now, can we do something like it with the subpanel data? I have made a subpanel and want to make phone call column of the subpanel clickable. How can i do it? 

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  • Yes, I am trying process_record. But process_record do not get fired in detail view and subpanels are in detail view. According to docs, process_record Executes when the record is being processed as a part of the ListView or subpanel list. I did not understand what docs meant as part of subpanel list. If it fires on subpanel list then it must fire in the detail view where subpanels are. How can i use process_record to access the subpanel data. Help needed.

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