How to automate the creation of a new smart guide on a re-opened opportunity?

Hello there,

I have a customer (Sell 13.2) who would like to allow their users to reopen opportunities and restart a smart guide. They have 2 templates (new biz & renewal), so the new smart guide should be the same as the previous one. 

Users can create a guide manually, but they would like to automate the process and reset some of the data on the opp. 

I've tried 2 methods without success: 

  1. BPM : I tried a "add related record action" > add a smart guide on the opp. That fails: error 500. Also, the action does not have the smart guide template field. 
  2. Action button: action = create a smart guide, prefill template (same as parent opp) and available modules (opp). That fails with "please solve errors" but no error is shown on the page

Since Sugar is a no-code platform, I'd rather avoid doing this via code :) 

Any idea? 

Thanks in advance! 


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