New case note logic hook

I want to fire an after save logic hook when a new case note is created and saved. As notes are used by multiple modules, I wandered the best place for the login hook

1. On the case module and run on new note

2 On the notes module when parent module is Cases

was thinking to check against the parent with an on save hook against parent->type == Case

    "parent": {
        "_acl": {
            "fields": {
                "dri_workflow_template_id": {
                    "create": "no",
                    "write": "no",
                    "license": "no"
                "dri_workflow_template_name": {
                    "create": "no",
                    "write": "no",
                    "license": "no"
            "_hash": "bf2bc9611a03b9289b43e6d828070ae2"
        "id": "3456ce30-faf5-11ed-9bfb-0645eac4c674",
        "type": "Cases",
        "name": "CASE-88860"

just wandered the best place to run the hook from

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  • Hi  ,

    Not a problem!

    If that's the case, I would then attempt to extend/customise an API that completes your website's call (given that it sounds like it might be a synchronous call either way), so that you have immediate feedback from the back-end to the front-end, and then you can display the correct message to the user based on what the API returns.

    This approach should give you what you are after.



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