Initial Filter on a subpanel "Link an Existing"

Has anyone been able to add an initial filter on a subpanel? In Opportunities I want to limit the Contacts a user sees to only those linked to the selected Account. I already have the filter built and tested, just need to add it to a subpanel.

  • You need to add the attributes relationship_file and relationship_class into target relationship and the define the relationship class accordingly, so you will be able to override the method 'buildSugarQueryRoleWhere' accordingly:

    New attributes in the relationship

    $dictionary["Account"]["relationships"]["account_cases"]["relationship_file"] = "custom/data/Relationships/CustomOne2MBeanRelationship.php";
    $dictionary["Account"]["relationships"]["account_cases"]["relationship_class"] = "CustomOne2MBeanRelationship";

    Changes in the relationship class, from the core relationship UserBasedRelationship

        protected function buildSugarQueryRoleWhere($sugar_query, $table = "", $ignore_role_filter = false)
            $sugar_query = parent::buildSugarQueryRoleWhere($sugar_query, $table, $ignore_role_filter);
            return $sugar_query;

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  • I am sorry but I am not sure how your answer solves the problem of applying a dynamic filter to a subpanel. The relationship in question is a OOTB Many:Many relationship between Opportunites and Contacts.

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