Regarding /<module>/customfield/ Rest API call


I am trying to deal with "/<module>/customfield/" Rest API call.

I am not able to get succeeded.

I am trying to do a postman call but having 500 internal server issue.

Please help me on this for the same.

See below screen for the postman call.

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  • Hi Richard,

    I believe you are asking about a relate field, but please correct me if that is not the case. For a relate field the payload would look like this:

        "localizations": {
            "en_us": {
                "LBL_RELATED_FIELD": "Related Field"
        "data": {
            "name": "related_field",
            "label": "LBL_RELATED_FIELD",
            "type": "relate",
            "len": "255",
            "required": false,
            "reportable": true,
            "audited": false,
            "importable": false,
            "duplicate_merge": false,
            "ext2": "Contacts"

    I want to be clear that relate fields are different from relationship fields in that they do not require a relationship between two entities. If you are looking to create a relationship, I believe you would need to do that through studio or a module loadable package as I don't believe there's an endpoint for that..

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