How to create a Related Field that automatically takes the value of another field and uses that to query the related Module?

For example, i have this table of data in Module 1:

Module 1

Main Field Related Field
example 1 example 1 (linked to item in related module)
example 2 example 2 (linked to item in related module)

Module 2

Main Field other other 
example 1 ex1 other ex1 other
example 2 ex2 other ex2 other

As you can maybe see, i am trying to describe what the title is saying. I have Data imported into Module 1, and want the Related Field in Module 1 to automatically link to Module 2, using the value of Module 1's Main Field. Is there a way to do this? I tried to import the data directly from Main Field into the Related Field but it was messy and i now have many duplicates.

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