Subpanel List view only display data when click on preview?

Hi All,

I am checking an issue on customer instance and I cannot see why the data from subpanel list view only display when we click on preview.

after clicking on the preview button

  • Hi Rodrigo Manara,

    Looks like there is an issue with the subpanel view for the Communications module as shown in the screenshot. I have faced this kind of issue in the past in one of the cloud instances we are working. I suggest you do one thing. can you go to the studio and then to the parent module where this subpanel is there and check what fields are there in the subpanel view? Looks like the subpanel file is not loading the actual fields and causing this issue. In this case, you may need to arrange the subpanel view by adding all the fields and saving them through the studio where this subpanel view is there. Even after doing this if the issue still persists you may need to add the required fields in the respective subpanel file of the parent module and make sure you have the right permissions on the file and perform the Repair & Rebuild. By doing these steps we are able to fix the issue.

    Hope this information helps you Slight smile

    Thanks and Best Regards,


    Senior Solution Engineer.

  • Yes, I was changing on the wrong place. Thank you that helped. 

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