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I am beginner in sugar CRM, can anybody tell me how to hide/ disable edit button in record view..?

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  • Hi clubbers

    Small remarks, if you don't mind because it's interesting to know your opinion

    AFAIK, code development is usually a skill and a type of job - not a level.

    It's natural to use skills to solve the task and therefore it's natural for developers to focus on platform peculiarities, code, and coding instead of focusing on application peculiarities in terms of combining out-of-the-box subscribed capabilities for solving the task.

    IMHO, some misunderstanding derives from confusing Software Architect's and Solution Architect's roles as top-skilled representatives of Software development craftwork and Solutions delivery craftwork (some people can do both, but that is not the rule either).

    Perhaps this piece of work is rather for a solution consultant role rather than a skilled developer role and the question is why Sugar Admin as an internal consultant wasn't assigned to that task first and whether the clubmate is ready/would like to play the admin role too

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka

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