Change column with of report


by default it is not possible to change the column width in the generated PDF from the report module. A customer would like to change them since there is a lot of data in one of the columns. Does anyone know where start looking so I can change it in a upgrade safe way?

  • I would start off in ./modules/Reports/sugarpdf/ and ./modules/Reports/templates/. There are a couple of classes in there that correspond with the logic that is used to generate the PDF files. 

    You should be able to drop your custom versions in ./custom/modules/Reports/sugarpdf and ./custom/modules/Reports/templates. 

    There is a good chance you may need to drill down a bit, but that should be a good starting point. Its been a while since I've done things with that code, so I don't remember for sure, but perform a Quick Repair and Rebuild if your changes are not being picked up.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the help so far.I cant seem to overwrite the classes from modules/Reports/sugarpdf when I drop a copy of a file in the custom/modules/Reports/sugarpdf directory. 

    Anyone else who has experience with this?

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