interact with API using python

Hi Everyone there,

Could anybody help with below: I want to get, post and put from sugarCRM cloud API using python.

I can make get Contacts work, but the filter just doesn't work...

hdr = {

        "OAuth-Token": session["access_token"],

pload = {"max_num"1000}
resp = requests.get(urljoin(SITENAME, 'Contacts'), json=pload, headers=hdr)
Above code will give me all records for Contacts,
but I tried this pload 
pload ={"max_num":1000, "filter": [{"name":{"$starts":"Olivia"}}]}
, and the filter doesn't work as I expected.
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  • Hi Fred,

    I tired it, and it is a good resource.

    Just one more question please:

    I want to update existing record with changing the name, but it fails... could you please suggest how to do that using postman?

    Thank you very much!

    And, let's say, I have a bunch of records to update, how can I do that in one call. Or do I have to call API every time want to change a record?