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I have an on site implementation (Sugar Ent 10.0.3) and I have an external process on the CRON server that creates pdf files that I have to relate to Contact Records.
I'm planning to create a Job that gets the files from a particular directory in the server and use the current functionality that Sugar uses to upload file to AWS S3.
Could you help me to know which library or class I will able to use to solve this requirement?
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Pedro Bazan
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  • Jeff, do feel free to file an enhancement request please through the support portal, so that it can be properly tracked from all parts of the business.

    The above message was to make you aware that the deprecation message has been there a while, and the code will eventually be going away


    Enrico Simonetti

    Sugar veteran (from 2007 to 2023)

  • Hi , thanks for the link. We have a couple of customers that rely on that library heavily since they have over 1 TB of documents each. Do you know if Sugar will provide an options? or would it need to be custom Development?

    Any reason to remove it, it seems like a great feature with little to no overhead to mantain rather than removing it.


  • , I have circulated the question to Product Management. Expect a reply shortly.



    Enrico Simonetti

    Sugar veteran (from 2007 to 2023)

  •  The AWS S3 configuration as it was designed had a number of issues OOB where 1) it does not actually help customers save on their SugarCloud storage cost or bypass the uploads but simply retains another copy/takes a "backup" of sorts to the customers own AWS S3 bucket. Most customers that look towards this option assume that this configuration will help them save on storage OOB and the feature does not work in that manner and resulted in missed expectations in what it was perceived to be and what it actually did  2) The feature itself had a number of issues and errors (unless there is a specific customization done to make this work)  3) Adoption of the feature was also kept in mind as we found an extremely small base of our cloud customers making use of it per our last scan 

    Our goal is for customers to rely on SugarCloud and we are also working towards some storage efforts to help customers that have a large need of uploads in our cloud -- more on that in upcoming quarters. 

    With the above said, happy to jump on a call with you and chat about your scale of customers, how they make use of the feature and determine your usecases around it with your own S3. Are the customers you are referring to on-premise or hosted in SugarCloud? 



  • I have the same case, i trying core settings aws and this comment its correct, this config is not really the best solution, I did not get the expected results. Team, other alternate solution?  some answer from Product Management?