How to find duplicate email address when update contact module in record.js?

My goal is to make it impossible to add new email addresses when editing a contact, if they are already present in the system, as well as the impossibility of saving a contact if such an email address already exists. In other words, to exclude the appearance of duplicate email addresses. There is documentation here, but it doesn't work in my case.

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    I'm afraid it is a polemic approach once, by implementing such a request, users may not be able to convert Leads. Are you sure about that?

    Based on article you provided you need to customize the method _doValidateEmail in order to call a custom end point which would check for duplicates for a given email address which has not being saved yet.


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  • Hello André Lopes.
    I am confident in this task, we do not have converting leads into contacts, we create contacts directly by api, and there is a duplicate search. In my case, I want to prevent the presence of duplicate email addresses in the system when editing contacts.

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