SugarCRM Rest API Rules

Are there any rules of thumb for what constitutes a "valid" Rest API post request? E.g in the following request:


"name": "Test Note 16",
"parent_id": "6c39e3a2-b234-11e6-876e-02b6c8b587a1",
"parent_type": "Accounts",
"note_type_c": "note",
"assigned_user_id": "1",
"team_name": {
"id": "1",
"name": "Global",
"primary": "true",
"selected": "false"

which are the fields that are necessary to ensure the Note appears under the specified account in the SugarCRM GUI. Thanks.

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  • Hi Timothy,
    That's a business logic - either to be aware of how to deal with it via code or employ configuring

    Therefore, you are trying to put some data into Sugar via API, there is an option for non-developer to make it in two steps:

    1) to put data as it is by declaring a custom endpoint

    2) design data transformations and data population with Logic Builder instead of coding them  - here is the example of your case -  e.g. to create a Note and relate it to the Account without knowledge of API business logic:

    It took 15 min to make it with design, so I can help you to make it work in your Sugar - just drop me a line via Sugar Messages or

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

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