Restricting access via IP, per user or Role or Team


I'm posting this here hoping a developer with a little spare time can help on fixing the following;

There's a great little add-on for IP restriction management here on GitHub

It works great, except that the option to also restrict users IP when accessing via the Mobile App isn't working, as described here:

Hoping it's a simple fix for a developer on this forum, as in times like this I wish I'd learnt how to code Cry

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  • Hi

    While I used to informally manage several of the SugarCRM open source repositories, I've since ventured into the partner space and am no longer able to focus on maintaining them. As such, I regretfully cannot provide a timeline or guarantee that I will be able to help. The good news is that the plugin is open source and you may be able to rally some developers in the community for assistance.

    At some point, we would like to fork the repository and breathe some new life into the project but I unfortunately just don't have the bandwidth now. I appreciate your understanding and wish you the best of luck.