Lead conversion fails (except it doesn't)

Greetings developers,

I have been trying to make this code work but it is making the Lead conversion show that it fails when in fact it was sucessful. I have created on contact a Field of List type . It contains the types of opportunities a contact wishes to recieve. What the logic hook does is take a new oportunity type and add it to the contact field list.

Also any opportunities that I create have to save twice (because the first time fails).

The issue above only appear when the logic hook below is uploaded.


if (!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die ('Not A Valid Entry Point');


$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('---------- Começou o OPP_ADERIDA ----------');

class before_save_class
     function before_save($bean, $event, $arguments)
          if($bean->opportunity_type == 'ReceitaExisting' && $bean->sales_stage == 'Closed Won' && $bean->lftm_status_operacional_c == 'Concluida')

               $id_opp = $bean->id;

               //$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('ID: '. $id_opp);

               $sql = "SELECT IFNULL(l1.id,'') l1_id
                    ,IFNULL(l1.first_name,'') l1_first_name
                    ,IFNULL(l1.last_name,'') l1_last_name
                    ,IFNULL(l1.salutation,'') l1_salutation,IFNULL(l1.title,'') l1_title

                    FROM opportunities
                    INNER JOIN  contacts_opportunities_1_c l1_1 ON opportunities.id=l1_1.contacts_opportunities_1opportunities_idb AND                          l1_1.deleted=0

                    INNER JOIN  contacts l1 ON l1.id=l1_1.contacts_opportunities_1contacts_ida AND l1.deleted=0

                    WHERE (((opportunities.id='". $id_opp ."')))
                    AND  opportunities.deleted=0;";

               $conn = $GLOBALS['db']->getConnection();
               //$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('Got Connection OPP_ADERIDA');
               $stmt = $conn->executeQuery($sql);
               //$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('Query executed OPP_ADERIDA');
               while($row = $stmt->fetch())
                    $estrategia = $bean->lftm_estrategia_rv_c;

                    $estrategia = ",^" . $estrategia . "^";

                    //$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('estrategia: '. $estrategia);

                    $contact_bean = BeanFactory::retrieveBean('Contacts', $row['l1_id'], array('disable_row_level_security' => true));
                    $aderidas = $contact_bean->lftm_estrategias_rv_c;

                    //$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('aderidas: '. $aderidas);

                    $aderidas = $aderidas . $estrategia;

                    //$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('Nova aderidas: '. $aderidas);

                    $contact_bean->lftm_estrategias_rv_c = $aderidas;

                    //$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('contact_bean->lftm_estrategias_rv_c: '. $contact_bean->lftm_estrategias_rv_c);
                    $GLOBALS['log']->fatal('Processing Contact: ' . $contact_bean->full_name);
                    $GLOBALS['log']->fatal('---------- Terminou o OPP_ADERIDA ----------');

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