Sugar 12.1 (Q3 2022) has arrived!

Hey Sugar Devs!

Sugar 12.1 (Q3 2022) has arrived! You can now find Sugar 12.1.0 builds over in the Developer Builds group.

We held a developer webinar a few weeks ago which has all the details. You can find the Recording and Slides in the Event Recaps section.

Key takeaways

  • Sugar's Report Viewer module has a Modern new look with an amazing User Experience, flexible, nice-looking, and more comfortable to use
  • Our Forecast Worksheet has gone through some changes to make it easier for managers to do pipeline inspection with their team, we also added some additional responsive and metric filtering.
  • Sugar Customers now can work with their Dropbox file storage directly within Sugar by using CloudDrive.
  • We are replacing PHP cURL in Sugar! Introducing ExternalResourceClient as your new HTTP transport client
  • Sugar now provides developers an easy way to disable automatic rollback of MLPs in case of failures for better troubleshooting
  • We've improved Redis caching by providing configurable compression levels

Developer Impacts in this Release

  • If you use curl_, stream_ or socket_, you are impacted by this release
  • You will need to replace your cURL code to use our new ExternalResourceClient
  • If you provide Dropbox integration through custom code, you should re-evaluate and differentiate your offering
  • If you have customized the Forecasting Worksheet, you need to test your customization with the new release

For Sugar Developers working on the new product releases, we've prepared a Sugar 12.1 (Q3 2022) Customization Guide over in our Dev Tutorials section.

For all the Admin and End User details, please visit the Sugar 12.1.0 Release Notes on the Support site.

Happy Coding!

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