• Field that auto prints date when another field is updated

    Trying to created a Primary Contact field on our Accounts / Contacts modules.

    The field has a simple Yes/No Drop down... 

    I would like another field next to it (Primary Contact updated) that automatically puts the date in if someone chooses Yes for the…

  • How to get a field auto populate from another module's (from subpanel view) field on create view?

    I need to get a field from a module and set the value of this field on the name field when I'm creating a new record. For example, in a custom module, we have a field called "work product", when we are creating a new record in subpanel module we want…

  • Populate number of days between an opportunity's close date and date service begins


    My company provides various managed services to commercial facilities. One of the things we would like to begin tracking within each opportunity record is how many days from the contract signed date (date the opportunity closes) do we begin providing…

  • Why is record layout not deploying when I import a package?


    Above is the package I have created.  All the record.php deploy except Lev_Course_Costs.  In order to get Course Cost to work I have to go to Studio and select save.  Otherwise it just show the default layout.

    Can someone look at…

  • Why are all these fields selected when I only want id


    Why are all the fields in TASKS selected here when I am only asking for id?  This is my code

     * @param string $parent_id
     * @param string $type
     * @param array $status
     * @param string $subject
     * @param bool $billing
     * @return bool|false…

  • Formula to check a box when the Account name changes from "Training Site" to any other Account name.

    Formula to check a box when the Account name changes from "Training Site" to any other Account name.

  • Is there an easy way to create a read-only role?

    The way I read the documentation, the only way to on-board a new user-role with a read-only account is to create that role and then manually mark each field as read-only, one-by-one. This seems ridiculously tedious, so I'm hoping someone can tell me an…

  • What are reason logic hooks would work for Admin but not regular users?

    I have recently started our CRM from scratch and created packages for all the customizations.   We have gone to production and realized that the logic hooks are not being done when the user is not an admin.

    Please help..  

  • How to Scale Your Business Faster with Aircall + SugarCRM

    Advancements in technology, such as cloud phone systems, have forced valuable and distinct changes in the way businesses work – especially in sales and customer support.

    At the same time, while digital tools help you streamline your business practices…

  • How to show More record option(button) in the custom sidecar.


    I have a module Inventory Item where I am showing a custom sidecar on creating records. Sidecar shows on related To Order request Item option and in the sidecar, I am showing other modules (Order Request Item) record lists. Afterload 20 records…